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Ashley Van Alstine Vetter July 5, 2023
"This is such a wonderful place. They try so hard so make your visit special. I'm glad I got to visit!!!"
Trevor Itzen February 20, 2023
"Wonderful little place. It's my Mom's favorite."
marilyn willits January 14, 2023
"Lovely place, delicious food, great service."
Jim Grall October 16, 2022
"Stopped by because my mother, who's in a nursing home, said she wanted some Broccolli soup in a breadbowl from this restaurant. Got talking with the VERY friendly ladies (mother and daughter) who own and operate the place and they knew who my parents were. They were genuinely concerned with how my elderly parents were doing, and insisted on sending along a couple pieces of coconut pie to them, at no charge. Tough to find the combination of quality and service that this place offered these days."
Denise Nennet August 29, 2022
"All my girlfriends at my class reunion met here for lunch. Food was good and great atmosphere! A bit pricey for amount of food."
Evemarie Zimmerman July 1, 2022
"Good food, friendly staff"